Originally Yours


An impressive and completely new look can be achieved in most homes by simply re-purposing or rearranging what homeowners already possess. 

A traditional setting can become.....


..... more eclectic.


With years of experience as a visual merchandiser and decorator in the furniture industry, Deborah Fagan Carpenter can transform a room or an entire home in a few short hours by simply using what the client already owns.  In a skillful, decisive and purposeful manner, she is able to alter the appearance of homes, while still maintaining the lifestyle needs of the owners.


Seasons change.....



.....and so can settings


Deborah’s primary purpose is to save the client unnecessary spending by using what they already have to create an updated and visually pleasing look.   



Are you selling your home?

 As a professional, Deborah can present your home to potential buyers in the most flattering light.  She can strategically place furnishings in ways that will focus attention on the home’s most saleable features. 

staging 350_edited-1.jpg


Bring the outside in

Eliminate excess

Create calm


Less is sometimes best