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The American South is teeming with beauty, mystery, art, music, literatue, unforgettable food, fascinating people and intriguing places. Deborah Fagan Carpenter has examined some of these in recent articles for Porch Scene Magazine. (

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"He's a double fused stick of creative dynamite......"

"It's not just about the snowy white beaches in
North Florida......."


"Hey, if you can't sleep Thursday night, could you bake one of your delicious chocolate cakes for my party......."


"Orthopedics is like woodworking in bone....."


"Fifty pounds of sunflower seeds and a pound of zinnia seeds set the wheels in motion for an unexpected life plan......"



"The moment I entered the studio I realized I had dropped right into the absolute essecence of Mississippi Art......."


"State-of-the-art dining is what one may expect at the Gallery Restaurant....."


"What Roger Stolle is truly hawking is 'the culture behind the music'......"




"Gardens Oy Vey, where nature is allowed to be natural..... "


"Art will never tell you nothin' but the truth......"


'With a Good Book......."


Could there be anything more fabulous than a salad, which is made from a variety of lettuces and tomatoes, picked and eaten in the same day!


"The Southern Belle couldn't imagine Tennessee Pewter not being in existence anymore......."


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